This weekend was the first frosty weekend we have had and unfortunately we had to set up the course with 18 Winter Greens.We know this is always disappointing to you all when perhaps you have been looking forward to a game all week.

We can assure you though that we do speak regularly with Mike Keogh the Course Manager and his weekend staff to only put the Winter Greens on as a last resort at the weekends.

As the majority of you have to play in the mornings due to it getting dark earlier even if we were to move some of the pins back to the normal greens once they have thawed out very few of you would benefit from this.

Regarding buggies – for health and safety reasons the Club are reluctant to let anyone use a buggy when the course conditions underfoot make it dangerous, if the course is too wet this can also result in damage to the fairways as the ground is so soft.

We do appreciate some of our members can only play if they have access to a buggy and this is always taken into consideration when any decisions are made as the last thing we want is to stop anyone getting a game.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

Swanston New Golf Club Board – The Shop & The Greenstaff –

20 November 2016