AGM 2020 Notes


Welcome, everyone, to this the 14th AGM of our Group – even if it is virtually!
Whow! What a year 2020 has been – not what any of us would have wished for – losing 2 months golf completely at the beginning of the summer season; losing both our planned outings, lots of competitions and all of our team matches, including the TON Trophy
Fortunately, it appears that we have all been good and followed the “rules”, and as a result we have not “lost” any members this year. We have been allowed to play golf, under many restrictions, and for that we should be grateful – long may it continue!
However, you may not be aware that one of our members, Tam Daly, collapsed on the Templar course on Wednesday. It was believed, at the time, that he had suffered an angina attack but turns out it may have been a full on heart attack and he has had a stent put in. We understand he is recovering well, and wish him a full recovery
I would like to thank Swanston Golf Club for enabling as much golf as possible this year, under difficult circumstances. I would also like to thank the members (many of them Seniors) who have given up their time this year to help the club, whether as assistant green staff, marshalls, referees, etc
As usual, I would like to thank your Committee for all the “un-seen” work that goes on behalf of the Membership ; particular thanks go to my VC, Brian Wherrett, for his sterling work on keeping the “roll-ups” going as much as possible during the summer, and updating us all on the website
I also want to thank Stewart Laird (who has stood down) for his several years work on the committee, esp. as Team Selection Captain – which is not an easy job, at the best of times. Thanks Stewart on behalf of us all – enjoy your golf without any committee responsibility
Lastly, I want to mention Mark Belcher’s 50th Birthday on 29th October. As most of you know, Mark has been given an age exemption for a few years so that he could play with us – now he doesn’t need one! So a proper welcome to the Seniors, Mark

2019 AGM Minutes will be taken as having been read & approved as they have been posted on the Website since the last AGM
If there are any items from 2019’s minutes needing raised, please send to Stewart Kerr: [email protected]

Currently there are 89 Members cf 90 last year – of which several have been new joiners, so we welcome them to hopefully a more “normal” year next year
Obviously this has been a very “curtailed” summer season for competitions – list of winners:
Winter Hidden Pairs: Bill Steel & Rob Thornton
70 year old Ian Tennant became the youngest winner of the Veterans Trophy
There were 21 entries in each of the Champions Competitions, and the winners were:
Society Champion: Andy Hunter
Veterans Champion: Gary Wilson
The committee proposes to introduce a Champions Cup to be played for annually between the Society & Veterans Champions, to be played by the end of the following May
Ian Tennant report on winter Tue/Thu Stablefords Competitions:
We played 26 Stableford and 6 of the Best competitions during the winter
Both Bill Steel and Gary Wilson won the 6 of the Best with 160 points and £13 each
Covid has stopped the 2s competition. Hopefully eventually we can start it up again. Most of the competitors still have a little cash against their names for when we can restart
The new winter season will start on Tuesday, 3rd November, with Stableford scores (and Winter Six-of-the Best) counting over the first 12 holes – players are welcome to continue over 18 (as long as they hand their card in first!)
WHS handicap is almost upon us. Handicaps will be re-set to National after Thursday, 29th October
Brian Wherrett report on summer Tue/Thu Stablefords Competitions:
A late start to the Tuesday/Thursday competitions – Tuesday June 23rd with no £1 sweeps and no cash prizes for the winners – just the glory!
As of 22nd October, we have managed 27 rounds (hopefully with two more before the end of the month)
53 players have handed in cards during the shortened summer and there has been additional activity by T/T seniors who are playing together but not necessarily choosing to submit scores
Results have been posted on the Gents Seniors website after each round and placed on the Notice Board each week. All members are encouraged to submit cards regardless of scores, in order to help keep the T/T show on the road
There have been 18 different Stableford winners, with just one star performer winning on 3 occasions – Captain Bob. Top scorers have been Chris West, Neil McCormick & Bob Steele – each returning 43 Stableford points. September 15th proved to be the glory-day for the T/T Committee, with Ian, Bob & Brian taking the three top spots
A Four-of-the-Best competition was introduced from August 6th. Both a Nett Four-of-the-Best competition – accounting for points reductions for winning players – and a Gross 4oB competition have been running. As no money could be collected for this, there will be no “winnings” paid out – but there may be a sleeve of balls instead
35 players have entered at least four cards – with two possible rounds to go, Rob Thornton leads Ian Tennant in the Nett competition by just one point and Bob Steele has a significant 3-point lead over Rob & Ian in the Gross competition. Final results will be posted on the Board & the Web at the end of October
Seniors winning SGC COMPETITIONS:
Stephen Tse won Seniors ‘A’ Championship, and Peter Belcher the Seniors ’B’ Championship
Bob Steele won the “B” Championship
Des Fields won the Summer Medal in July
Jerry Marshall won the Campbell Trophy
Congratulations to all – Apologies to anyone else who we’ve missed

Thanks to Des Fields for organising our proposed outings this year (Falkirk Tryst for Spring and West Linton for Autumn) but, unfortunately, they both had to be cancelled. Hopefully we can hold them in 2021: Falkirk Tryst on Monday, 19th April and Autumn Outing TBA
Marie Curie
In the absence of various events when we normally raise money for the Edinburgh Marie Curie Hospice, members were invited to make donations – with a target set of at least £1,000
So it is with many thanks to organiser Brian Wherrett and to our members (for donating generously) for managing to raise £1278 (incl. “bunker” money) as at 22nd October – with still more to come?
There is still time for those who wish to contribute to contact Brian Wherrett, or to make a bank transfer – details on the web or on request. The closing date for donations is 30th November after which the final sum will be handed over to the Edinburgh Marie Curie Hospice. It costs £20 for a Marie Curie Nurse to provide 1 hour of care so our contribution will be most welcome to them

Funds currently standing at £597
There are 13 Polo Shirts in stock worth £195. The cost is £15 should any Member wish to purchase one
As previously announced, 2020/1’s membership fee has been waived for all existing members in lieu of an optional donation to Marie Curie (see earlier comment)

Unfortunately, this highly successful annual event will have to be cancelled this year due to ongoing Covid restrictions 
This also means that the annual prize-giving will be delayed until next year, when this year’s few prizes to be given out will be doubled up with the 2021 winners and be held for 6 months each

Just to inform you all that the new World Handicapping System is being implemented in November 2020 – see recent e-mails from Swanston GC. It was accepted at last year’s AGM that we would have to adhere to whatever changes these brought. This will mean that we will be re-setting our handicaps to National at the end of October, and still cutting daily winners by one

Stewart Laird has intimated his decision to stand down. A previous e-mail requested anyone willing to be co-opted, until a full AGM could confirm the position, to contact the committee. To date, no-one has done so, so the committee has decided to run with one person short in the current climate – to be reviewed if/once the situation changes, or some-one volunteers!
As previously stated, the rest of your current committee are prepared to continue in their current roles, if you accept this:
Captain: Bob Steele
Vice-Captain: Brian Wherrett
Secretary/Treasurer: Stewart Kerr
Committee Members: Jerry Marshall, Ian Tennant

Item 8: AOCB
It is not possible under this format to have AOCB, but the committee is willing to consider any written proposals put to them.
We would also like to inform you that the Memorial Bench plaques have now been in place for several months – we don’t want to be adding any more in the near future!

I hope you all accept that your committee has done all possible during this challenging year? At this current moment in time, we do not know what may or may not happen next year (e.g. golf has been temporarily stopped in Wales……) but it seems likely that not much will change until there is a viable vaccine available to all – we will keep you informed.
I can only close by wishing you all a “Happy Golfing Next Year” and

Captain, Gents Seniors Tues/Thurs Society

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