The Club is aware that several other clubs have re-introduced the use of course bins, bunker rakes, ball washers etc.
Whilst Scottish Golf has not updated its guidance on this since the initial lockdown in 2020, we understand that in discussion with other clubs, Scottish Golf has confirmed that it is only guidance and that clubs are now free to decide what they want to do.

The evolving scientific view is that we are dealing with a predominantly airborne virus as opposed to one that is readily transmissible via contact surfaces.
Whilst regular hand cleaning remains important, we are already touching common contact points such as door handles and push plates and many other items daily, I would add, the door handles and code entry pads at the Club are sanitised regularly and will continue to be.

We want to enhance the enjoyment of our game, whilst maintaining a safe environment for our members and we feel the time is right to allow more scope for the individual to exercise their own judgement around what they are comfortable with.
As a result rakes and ball washers will be put out again however there is no compulsion to use ball washers and bunker rakes.

Preferred lies in bunkers will no longer be permitted from Saturday 26th of June.

The removal of the flagstick is back to optional.

As per existing guidance, we would encourage members carry and use a hand sanitiser whilst on the course.

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