Below is a copy of an E-mail sent to all members this morning- confirmation was indeed given regarding fourballs.

PHASE 2 UPDATE 9th of JULY 2020

The Club has made every effort to, at least adhere to the guidelines given by the Government and Scottish Golf since the easing of the restrictions and associated recommendation allowed us to open to play golf again on May 29th and I am confident we have, and continue to do this and thank you to the majority of members who have all contributed by following the “rules”
Initially playing in two balls, then three balls and from Monday 13th of July four balls from four different households agreed by Scottish Golf and based on the confirmation from the Government we can meet in extended groups outside from tomorrow, 10th of July.
I am expecting this to be confirmed in the First Ministers statement at 12.20 today.
I would add that behind the scenes myself and other secretaries of our neighbouring golf clubs in the Edinburgh Secretaries Group are in regular contact with each other and Scottish Golf discussing and debating how we can get circumstances and conditions back to some sort of normality, with at all time the safety and welfare of all members and staff of all the clubs.
Tomorrow it is mandatory if you go into a shop to wear a face covering and the same applies to professional golf shops and I would prefer our members to respect this recommendation however as I have established through discussions with Scottish Golf our shop and the way it is currently set up can be classed simply as a “starters facility” as we do not display golf apparel or golf equipment encouraging members to browse and stay in the shop longer than need be in the current circumstances.
I am aware of a very few members who do occasionally “hang about” the shop and I would ask all members to be in the shop no longer than about 30 seconds and do not be offended if the shop staff ask you to leave.
I have put up a perspex screen on the shop counter to further eliminate any possible transmission of the virus and to protect everyone.
At the request of a few members last week I made available the coffee machine in the downstairs bar and initially no one was allowed to sit/gather in the room as I was unclear if this was allowed, I contacted the relevant authorities who said it was OK to sit together at least 2 metres apart and in no more than two household and I apologise I did not make this clear – from tomorrow three households can meet indoors and I will put an explanatory notice on the entrance.
When the room was made available last week I personally removed a few tables and chairs and spaced the remaining ones out to create a safe environment however I witnessed most members pulling chairs together and closer than 2 metres – if this continues I will be forced to close the room completely.
Much to the relief (no pun intended) of many members we were allowed to open the toilets last week.
The cleaning of the toilets has always been carried out by the cleaners who were also responsible for cleaning the Brasserie – I know at the moment they are coming in twice a week and I will speak to Alastair McCLung to ask if they can come in more often – failing that I will monitor the toilets and they will be at least sanitised everyday.
I know the Ladies will look after their toilets impeccably and I would also ask the gents to try to do the same.
Thank you to the members who have helped recently with the general hoovering of the locker rooms and adjacent areas.

I have also been in discussions with Wylie Morrison the Brasserie Manager and he has told me they plan to re-open on Monday 17th of August.
I am hoping it may be possible to open for a member’s only event on Club Championship Finals Day two days before – I will keep you updated
Mike Robson
Club Manaager/Secretary

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