Having spoken yesterday with the Course Manager and Greens Convener, due to the current condition of the 15th hole, holes 15 and 16 will be CLOSED from today, Monday 14th of December until further notice.
Golfers will play the 14th then walk to the 17th tee.
Some of the other golf Clubs nearby have banned all trolleys from their courses until their course dries out a bit, this is an option that we may need to consider too if the wet weather continues.

I would also ask all members who do use a trolley not to take them within 10 yards of all the greens as the fringes and surrounds of some greens are being damaged and are in a terrible mess.

Mats – mats are still optional however if this wet period continues they may be made compulsory and please use the tee mats on all the short holes – it is evident that some members are teeing up on the actual grass still.
It is also clear that golfers on the Templar Course are not all using the mats.

Our greens staff work very hard to ensure your winter golf is as enjoyable as possible so please respect them and follow the above requests.

Many Thanks
Mike Robson
Club Manager/Secretary

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