We are planning on re-opening on Friday 29th of May at 8:00am
Below is a copy of the E-mail sent to all members with an E-mail address

“Whilst the Club must ensure the game is played safely and in accordance with the protocol, it is your responsibility to adhere to the laws of the land. Starting will only be from the 1st tee For at least the first couple of weeks the first tee time will be 8:00am. The regulations state that a “drive of broadly 5 miles is considered to be local”, the travel advice is for you to apply good judgement and not for the Club to determine or police and please do not  turn up without having booked a time. You must book a tee time online for either course – if you are already registered to use the Clubs BRS Booking system via the Clubs website you are fine. (BRS are updating their App on 27th May so you may have to re-register with the App after the 27th) Times will be bookable seven days in advance and available from 2.00pm today If you are not registered, here is a link – your Username is your Club membership number, which is a number between 1 and 2000, make up any password you like. Below is the link to the Club website to book a time (If you do not know your membership number please reply to this E-mail and I will send you it) Junior members may play on their own or with another member, junior or adult. Parents will need to register in the same way as above to use the BRS booking system to book a time on the Templar Course for their son/daughter. In line with the government’s requirements backed by Scottish Golf you are only allowed to play on your own or with one other from outside your household, you may book one other member at the same tee time as yours. We are not allowing three or four balls made up from people of the same household. You are restricted to booking a maximum of 4 times per week. I am also aware some members do not have access to the internet and I have blocked out one time each hour for telephone bookings. Bookable seven days in advance by calling the Shop on 0131-445-2239 option1 (9.00am – 5.00pm) These times are only bookable by members without internet access or an Email address. Obviously this does not apply to yourself but please let any member you do know without the internet of these arrangements. Tee times initially will be for Members only followed by Members and Guests and then Visitors at a later date to be decided. Many members still have their clubs in their lockers or the container. Access to these areas will be allowed on a strict “one in one out” basis and you must not request access to the locker room anymore than 15 minutes before your tee time, you will be expected to vacate the locker room within 2 to 3 minutes during the first few days as most members golf equipment is in their lockers. I would ask that if you can, please take your clubs and trolley home with you helping reduce the number of members having to use the locker room area the next time you play and also enable you to go straight from the car park to the first tee. In accordance with the instructions from Scottish Golf, at the moment I am afraid toilet facilities will not be accessible – please do not use them. I know Scottish Golf are hoping to ease this restriction as soon as possible. Single occupancy buggies are allowed – if you want one please book in advance, initially there will only be two available to members, members of the same household may share a buggy. If you have your own buggy, you are responsible for the sanitisation of your vehicle and it is for your own use only. For the past nine weeks you have been following the social distancing and hygiene recommendations and this must continue during your time on the golf course and surrounding areas A hand sanitisation point will be located in one of the lower disabled parking spaces in front of the Shop. The main “problem” will be the public, who for the last nine weeks have been using the courses for their daily exercise amongst other activities. I would ask you to be patient with any walkers you come across on the course and please ask them politely to use the boundary paths or leave the course. The Club have managed to get volunteers to help deal with the public – the volunteers will stop non members parking in the main car park and the overflow car parking down by the first tee of the Templar Course. The car park adjacent to the Clubhouse does not belong to the Club and I hope it remains closed. The volunteers will also be on the courses advising walkers that the courses are now open and politely request they refrain from walking across fairways. Volunteers will only speak to members if they see any obvious contravention of the “stay safe” recommendations. Volunteers will wear a fluorescent yellow bib. Opening the downstairs bar at this time is not practical as it could encourage members to congregate unsafely. The Shop will be open and it will be a “one way, one in one out” system. The Driving Range and practice facilities will be open and social distancing must be adhered to in all areas. Scott Gourlay at SGGT is planning on opening on Monday, 1st of June As it is light until well after 9pm for the next few weeks I appreciate some of you like to have a few holes in the evenings – please adhere to the conditions above and please politely remind any walkers you may encounter that the golf course is open again. I doubt I have covered everything so I am happy to answer any questions you may have – please reply to this Email to ask. Please see this link before contacting me.
Finally, on behalf of the Captain, Directors and staff I would like to thank you for your patience, support and loyalty shown to the Club during these unprecedented times.
Take Care and Play Safe. Hopefully
See You Soon Regards
Mike Robson Club Manager/Secretary. 23 May 2020.”

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