As a result of the relaxation of the Covid 19 restrictions the Brasserie is re-opening this Monday, 26th of April.

Having spoken with Alastair McClung of Swanston Farm and Wylie Morrison, the Brasserie Manager the hours and conditions are as follows:

Sundays – Thursdays inclusive: 10am – 6pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 10am – 8pm
No alcohol allowed indoors.

26th April: maximum of 6 people *from 2 different households.
17th May: maximum of 6 people from 3 different households.
Early June: maximum of 8 people from 3 different households
End June: maximum of 10 people from 4 different households.

On the outdoor tables, where alcohol can be served there’s a maximum of 6 people* on the picnic tables and 4 people* on balcony tables, none of these tables can be reserved and are offered on a first come basis.
Customers can stay a max of 2 hours with a meal or 1 hour 30 minutes during off peak times.

The new guidance that was announced allowing 6 people from 6 different households to meet outdoors is for recreation and leisure purposes only, unfortunately it does not extend to a hospitality settings like the Brasserie or beer gardens.

Over the last few weeks, with the valued help of volunteer members I have tried to ensure the car parks were not being used by non-golfers and this has been a success however from Monday the car parks will be available to customers of the Brasserie too.
I would still encourage members who see non-golfers using the car parks and obviously heading for the hills for exercise or to walk their dogs to politely remind them the car parks are for golfers and Brasserie customers only – of course a few will probably respond by saying they intend to use the Brasserie after their walk and there’s little you can do about that unfortunately.
I have spoken to Alastair McClung regarding this and my suggestion of asking the walkers to pay £5 which would be redeemed in the Brasserie later was considered however “who is going to manage this” was the general response.

I would also encourage our members to use the Brasserie more, both to support Swanston Farm and if the demand for tables cannot be met upstairs, the downstairs Templar Bar could be open more to accommodate members and even non-members during the week.
I am currently speaking to Wylie Morrison regarding opening times at the weekends for the downstairs bar however members need to use it when it does open.
I will update you soon.

Members will be able to sit in the downstairs bar again suitably socially distanced from Monday with soft drinks and food from upstairs or for hot drinks from the coffee machine.

Spike will also be returning next weekend and with so many new members some of you have still to meet Spike who works in the Shop most Fridays and weekends.

Mike Robson
Club Manager/Secretary

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