Following on from my E-mail yesterday the Club has now had a few hours to consider what needs to change with regard to the Government’s announcement yesterday.

Booking System
As the latest restrictions came into force only 10 hours after the announcement many members had booked online to play in threes and fours over the next few days – members will now need to split up to ensure no more than two play at the same time
We have amended the BRS booking system to ensure the system will now only accept two players per tee time on either course.
Due to the time of year there is a limited amount of times available so members guests and visitors will not be allowed to play on the Swanston 18 hole course.
The Templar Course will be available for member’s guests and visitors.

Locker Rooms
In accordance with the Governments Tier 4 guidelines locker rooms should be closed however as toilets can remain open the Club have allowed members access to their lockers as you can only access the toilets via the locker rooms.
We would now ask all members who can, to remove their gear from the locker rooms as unfortunately despite previous reminders to observe the “one in one out” and face covering requirements these have not been respected.
Members without transport are not expected to remove their golf gear but spend less time in the locker rooms.
It would help if members could arrive ready to play with golf shoes on and waterproofs if required helping reduce the time needed in the locker rooms.
If the ignorance of the Covid controls continues by a minority of members the Lockers and Toilets will be closed.

Like the last time we had a similar lockdown between the end of March and the end of May last year the greens staff will continue working as normal – this is their choice having been given the option to quite acceptably stay at home.
The greenkeepers alone will decide if the courses are open for play.

The Shop
The Shop will remain open if one or both courses are open
If both courses are closed and it was obvious from the night before due to the weather then the Shop will not open at all that day.
Access to the locker rooms will not be possible on these days.

These “rules” will remain in force until Sunday the 1st of February – however updates will be sent out if there are any from the Government or Scottish Golf

Sorry, a lot of the communication from the Club is not the most positive at the moment however hopefully these new restrictions will help ensure we can enjoy a full playing season this year.

Take Care Stay Safe
Mike Robson
Club Manager/Secretary
5th January 2021

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