Today, being the 1st of October, “Preferred Lies” are now in operation.
We will liaise closely with Mike Keogh the Course Manager over the next few weeks as to when mats will be made optional or compulsory.

The season “closing” event is the Club Tri-Am on Saturday 19th of October – open to ALL members

As recent Winters have been a bit milder it was raised at the last Board Meeting if the Club could run counting events in the “winter “months.

Counting Winter Stablefords will be played from the Yellow Tees on the following dates

November 16th   November 24th  December 14th  December 29th  January 18th February 2nd  February 22nd  & March 21st

These Stablefords are open to ALL members including Academy & Templar members and can be used as a way of obtaining, keeping or stopping a handicap lapsing.
There will be an optional sweep of £3

Ladies will have their own Stableford on the day and Juniors may play in the events as long as they are accompanied by an adult member – Juniors are not allowed to enter the sweep

In the event of the Stableford being cancelled or abandoned due to the weather the competition will not be re-arranged.





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