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23 MAY 2016

Bad Luck to the team who were beaten at the 19th yesterday

Edinburgh Evening News Mention


As you will see from the DRAW Colinton Mains have received a BYE into the next round to be played on Sunday 22 May

The dates of the event are Saturday 21 May,Sunday 22 May, Tuesday 24 May,Thursday 26 May and Finals day on Saturday 28 May




Malcolm Campbell and Malachy Hayward  &  James Tetlow and Gary McLelland


Saturday, May 21:

7.00am: Harrison Golf Society v Stevenson & Cheyne (1983) Ltd.

7.15am: Harrison v Lochend A

7.30am: Rhodes v Munro Heating.

7.45am: Cramond v Heriots Quad.

8.00am: Kilgour Private Clients v Carrickvale B.

8.15am: Lochend B v Kilgour Wealth MGT.

8.30am: Edinburgh Western B v Kingston.

8.45am: Watsonians v Barnton Hotel.

9.00am: Silverknowes v Buckstone Golfing Society.

9.15am: Carrickvale A v Bank of Scotland

Sunday, May 22:

7.00am: Harrison Golf Society or Stevenson & Cheyne (1983) Ltd v Harrison or Lochend A.

7.15am: Rhodes or Munro Heating v Cramond or Heriots Quad.

7.30am: Kilgour Private Clients or Carrickvale B v Lochend B or Kilgour Wealth MGT.

7.45am: Edinburgh Western B or Kingston v Watsonians or Barnton Hotel.

8.00am: Silverknowes or Buckstone Golfing Society v Carrickvale A or Bank of Scotland.

8.15am: Hailes C v Stephen Gallacher Foundation.

8.30am: Temple GS v British Rugby Club of Paris.

8.45am: Hailes A v Harrison Seniors.

9.15am: Harrison B v Edinburgh Western.

9.30am: Royal Bank of Scotland v Hailes B.

9.45am: Third v Colinton Mains.

10.00am: Silverknowes 50s v BBT.

10.15am: Stewarts/Melville v Braids United.

10.30am: Caermount v Scottish Universities.

10.45am: Edinburgh Thistle v Ye Monks of Ye Braids.

11.00am: RICS v George Heriots.


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