Swanston Farm have advised the Club that they will be taking back an area of land to the right of the 13th hole.
The Farm have advised me that the area will be used to keep a few Highland cows in throughout the year.

The Club are confident this will have very limited effect on the playing of the hole.

The area to be taken back is indicated by the purple area with a new boundary fence detailed in orange – any golf shot played over the new boundary fence will be “out of bounds”

I can say that the Shop staff will be delighted with this change as almost every day we get the public coming into the Shop asking to see the Highland cows and we can only give them a rather vague answer at the moment  “the cows could be anywhere in the hills” !

Access to the area will be via the road up to the village and then left along the path towards the old Lothianburn clubhouse.


Mike Robson
Club Manager


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