Just before Christmas I received an E-mail from a lady in Bicester, Oxfordshire.
The lady, Hannah Williamson is the daughter of one of the Clubs former Champions.
Hannah was looking for an embroidered Swanston top for her dad’s Christmas, as, according to Hannah the top her dad proudly still wears from years back is getting a bit tatty and threadbare!
Of course, I was interested to find out who her dad was.

Hannah told me her dad is Stuart Goldie
Stuart won the Club Championship in 1958 and 1960.
Having looked at the Club Champions Board I believe Stuart is the oldest living Club Champion, he is 91, Jimmy McLagan, who was still alive when I checked the Champions Board at 89 and Willie Caine at 86 are the next two eldest Champions.

Stuart was born in Edinburgh in June 1931, he lived in Royal Park Terrace and attended Moray House Primary School and Portobello Secondary School.
Stuart started learning to play golf at the age of 12, playing with just one club joining his dad and friends.
Stuart recalls getting the Number 15 bus to Fairmilehead and making his way to the golf club from the crossroads with his golf clubs on his back, eventually he got a locker.
The Boys section was run by a gentleman called Dan Tosh and many of the young golfers went on to be very good players – Stuart’s first handicap was 14, which is amazing in today’s terms.

Stuart remembers the founder of the Club, Miss Carswell, the greenkeeper was Bert More, and Bert’s wife was the Club steward.
Stuart also remembers Bert’s son John, who was an excellent player and went on to be a professional attached to Carlisle Golf Club from 1957 to 2000
John played in the Open from 1958 to 1966 setting a new course record of 68 at Muirfield and in a qualifying round set a new course record at Royal Birkdale in 1961 of 66.
I had the pleasure of meeting John More’s daughter at Jimmy McLagans recent funeral.

Other golfers Stuart remembers are Willie Timmins, John Campbell, Gordon Jarvis, Sid Scott and the previously mentioned Willie Caine and Jimmy McLagan.

Stuart worked for Scottish Gas and played at Swanston for over 15 years until he took up a position as a lecturer at Dudley Technical College, Staffs. In 1961.
Stuart then moved to Bramcote in Nottinghamshire in 1967 and joined Notts Golf Club (Hollinwell)
He was the Captain of the Nottinghamshire County team and later became the President of the Nottinghamshire County Golf Association.

Very impressive, however I was most impressed when his daughter told me that at the age of 69, Stuart was accepted into Nottingham University and completed a degree in Hispanic studies – including a year abroad in Peru!

Stuart was still playing a few holes with his friends up until last summer however sadly he suffered a stroke in July 2022 and his clubs are now “retired” in his garage.

Stuart and his wife, Sue still live in Bramcote today, they have three daughters, all born in Nottingham and six grandchildren.

Thank you, Stuart, for sharing your memories with the Club
Take Care

Mike Robson
Club Manager/Secretary


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